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Professor of Cultural Data Analytics

Tallinn University invites applications for the position of Professor of Cultural Data Analytics to commence on Summer 2019 (the expected start date is negotiable and the duration of the initial contract can be up to 60 months). The deadline of submitting the application documents is 26th February 2019 (including). General Job Description of Professor of Cultural Data Analytics The Professor Cultural Data Analytics works at Tallinn University and leads the newly established ERA Chair in Cultural Data Analytics (CUDAN) under the School of Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication (BFM) of Tallinn University (TU). The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 ERA Chair programme supports EU’s Convergence regions and Outermost regions in their efforts to build on growing reputation as a leader in research and innovation. Starting in the position: summer 2019 (the expected start date is negotiable). There will be possibilities of tenure through the new projects developed by the ERA Chair. Requirements for the candidate The candidate must fulfil the general requirements of the position of a professor as stipulated in the Employment Relations Rules of Tallinn University, Annexes 1 and 2 and in particular, the applicant has to have a PhD degree in digital humanities, digital culture studies or in digital data analytics as well as considerable experience in managing scientific teams and planning research and innovation projects. More specifically, the following experience is required for the ERA Chair holder: Strong academic background and international reputation in digital humanities/digital culture studies; A significant scientific track record proven by publications in major international peer-reviewed scientific journals, or patents; Skills in coordination of international research projects (ideally, within the Framework Programme Horizon 2020); Proven record in securing significant research funding, experience in managing and leading research projects, especially with non-academic partners; Competences in formulating and managing research teams; Ability to plan new research projects; Experience in the supervision of PhD students; Experience in working internationally as a result of which international collaboration and networks have been established thus complementing the existing competences at TU. The selected ERA Chair holder will meet the “Leading Researcher (R4)” criteria as set out in the European Framework for Research Careers. Job responsibilities The ERA Chair holder will lead a new research group in the field of cultural data analytics under the School of Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication (BFM) of Tallinn University, fulfilling the following tasks: Formation of the ERA Chair interdisciplinary research team; Formulation of the ERA Chair research and development management principles; Daily management of the research team; Supervision of the PhD students in the research team; Application analyses of planned research activities; Preparation of the Research Cooperation Strategy and Implementation Plan; Initiation and preparation of Horizon 2020 and other EU research programmes. Additional remarks Three Tallinn University Schools cooperate in supporting the ERA Chair: the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM), the school of Humanities (SH) and the School of Digital Technologies (SDT). The ERA Chair holder will be given the resources to hire and manage 5-7 senior researchers. Load: 1,00, including teaching at least 18 EAP of courses per calendar year. Salary: A monthly gross salary of 5200 euros (incl. direct taxes as income tax, unemployment insurance and the funded pension payment which are withheld from the salary automatically by the employer), through the funding of the ERA Chair project, and in compliance with the Tallinn University remuneration regulations. Location: Tallinn Language skills: English (at least C1 level), proven by a language certificate or an equivalent document. Skills in the Estonian language and willingness to learn it are preferred. More on the CUDAN project at cudan.tlu.ee Additional information • You can find more details about the application process here: https://www.tlu.ee/en/professor-cultural-data-analytics#relevant-documents-and-websites • Please address your administrative questions to konkurss@tlu.ee, and • Questions on the content to Indrek Ibrus, professor of media innovation, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM), Tallinn University. Tel: +372 5697 8885, e-mail: indrek.ibrus@tlu.ee.

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