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Thèse Nokia Bell Labs France-19000003QN

Thèse Nokia Bell Labs France-19000003QN Description Mission The subject of this thesis is to study and expand AI field aiming at creating tools that can be used in practical 5G networks to improve the performance of communication by intelligently setting communication parameters. For instance, AI tools can be exploited to refine and select ad hoc precoding strategies; finding the correct level of CSI accuracy and its correct level of compression, exploiting available data to predict CSI realization and users behavior; use cross layer information for efficient and opportunistic scheduling, selecting system-level efficient beams; improving mobility handling to provide cell-free access to the network; handling lower (FR1) and high (FR2) network access... High Level workplan We propose, first, to study and design novel ML algorithms aiming at improving the learning speed, the precision of the predictions and classifications, and to compare such results with state-of the-art solutions. Second, specific aspects of wireless communications will be identified as candidate to be handled and enhanced by the exploitation of intelligent engines. Third, algorithms and training systems (online and offline) will be designed and the performance of the proposed system will be tested on real-world channel models, in order to validate the proposed schemes. Activités principales Nous proposons d’abord d’étudier et de concevoir de nouveaux algorithmes ML visant à améliorer la vitesse d’apprentissage, la précision des prédictions et des classifications, et de comparer ces résultats à des solutions plus traditionnelles. Deuxièmement, des aspects spécifiques des communications sans fil seront identifiés comme pouvant être traités et améliorés par l'exploitation de moteurs intelligents. Troisièmement, des algorithmes et des systèmes de formation (en ligne et hors ligne) seront conçus et les performances du système proposé seront testées sur des modèles de canaux du monde réel, afin de valider les systèmes proposés. Qualifications Skills Digital communications, including MIMO and 5G NR Emploi Applied R&D Lieu principalEurope South-France-France-Nozay Horaire Temps plein

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